Santa Rosa Psychotherapist June Taylor: a Safe, Active Listener


As a Santa Rosa Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with adolescents and adults through seniors.

I specialize in communication issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, trauma, grief and loss, and I work with all sexual orientations for issues that can affect any of us during our lifetime.

Working together, we’ll create a clear picture, identifying ways to achieve inner peace, joy and laughter. The well-being you seek and deserve can be yours again.

Offering Telehealth and in-person services. I accept Beacon, Venmo, cash and checks. Let’s see if we’re right for each other. Call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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Concerned about Covid 19?

The corona virus has caused trauma, anxiety, depression and panic. I am providing phone sessions using FaceTime when possible to treat these and other issues. There is help. I’m just a phone call away!

Why Should You Consider Choosing Me as Your Therapist?

  • My work–for over 30 years–is my life’s passion and purpose. There is nothing else I’d rather do.
  • I have received several awards and accolades for my work with the military and civilians.
  • I continue to get referrals from former clients, who benefited from counseling and therapy.
  • I’m a respected specialist in grief, loss, anxiety disorders with military and their loved ones.
  • Through collaborative work I have witnessed individuals and couples move from hopeless to hopeful.
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist June Taylor

Let’s Create a Collaborative Partnership that Helps You Achieve Your Goals


Deep loss is traumatic, and can affect every area of life. I’ll help you work through the loss of loved ones, battle buddies, loss of limbs, job, career, pets, youth, memory loss, health and loss of relationships and unresolved grief from the past. More about grief and loss counseling>>
Anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry or fear. When the anxiety does not go away or gets worse, these feelings can interfere with daily life. I’ll help you gain control so you can restore work life, relationships and a sense of well-being. More about anxiety disorder counseling>>
Addictions may be physical or behavioral, such as a dependency on substances or activities like sex, gambling, etc. Regardless of their nature, addictions can rob you of your health and vitality. We work with you to overcome a wide variety of addictions. More about addiction counseling>>
Relationships don’t work well when the people involved have difficulty communicating with each other. We use help you restore the trust, respect and affection so you can listen to each other and move through issues when they arise. More about relationship counseling>>

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