What You May Want to Know About Working with June Taylor

Orange Cyan SunsetIt is my joy to assist people from all walks of life: a retired person dealing with loss, an adolescent suffering from social anxiety, a couple feeling stuck not knowing how to listen to each other.

Whoever you are, my mission is to help you get started on the road to greater peace and well-being.

For me, the excellent ones provided a safe caring environment where I could express my inner demons without feeling judged or criticized. I was reassured that everything I expressed was confidential.

About Me

I am originally from the East Coast. When you meet me you’ll hear a “funny” Boston accent. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist who has been practicing for 30 years, loving almost every minute!

When I was in high school I worked with the school psychologist as a peer counselor helping other students with problems. That experience changed my life! I discovered my passion and purpose in life.

In Sonoma State University graduate school we were required to see a therapist, preferably a different one each semester to get a sense of style and competence. During that time, I saw several mediocre therapists and only a couple of excellent ones.

For me, the excellent ones provided a safe, caring environment. I could express my inner demons without feeling judged or criticized, being reassured that everything I expressed was confidential.

If I felt guilt or shame, I was reassured that I wasn’t alone–most people experience those feelings. It was a safe place to talk about the uncomfortable feelings, express anger, cry and be funny at times, which was my way of coping with the difficult problems. The therapist and I were partners–working together as a team to discover ways to help me heal and resolve life’s challenges and disappointments. That’s what you can expect from me, too.

It Takes Courage to Seek Counseling

It takes courage to seek counseling, especially the first time. It’s the first step in getting through the dark place into the light!

For example, finding the right therapist is like shopping for a new pair of shoes…

Some may look good and feel comfortable at first. You buy them but then have to break them in. It takes time for them to feel right.

And, you know if you wear them a couple more times. they are, ahh, just right. That’s similar to finding the right counselor whether it’s for you as an individual, you and your partner or for your child. Together we can identify core issues and patterns that may affect you in your adult life(s).

Why I Love this Work

I relish the opportunity I have to pursue courses, seminars and books to keep me on top of the latest effective tools to optimize the therapeutic experience.

I have loved this work ever since I went through my training years ago. The highly effective therapists I worked with then were intelligent and insightful. Never did I feel judged, nor did they act superior to me. They gave me the tools that helped me to become more confident and successful. At times when I was frustrated and feeling hopeless they listened, never trying to fix the problem or me. I was validated for my feelings.

The therapist and I became partners, June Taylor is a marriage /family therapist, Sonoma County, CAboth working together to discover ways to help me heal and resolve life’s pain and disappointments. I was challenged to look at situations differently, which led me to gain more insight into how I ticked. It was hard work at times but worthwhile! I believe almost everyone can benefit by positive experiences similar to mine when working with the right person…

What You Can Expect with Me

I have incorporated those qualities into my therapy practice. If you are looking for a therapist who sits quietly asking, “How does that feel?” and is passive the rest of the time, I’m not the one for you. My goal is to do everything I can to really understand how you feel, help both of us to be clear about what you think, and to challenge you to work through the difficult issues. The agenda will be yours, not mine.

During the sessions, it is normal for you to feel stuck at times, and sometimes you may feel angry with me. That’s part of the therapeutic process. It can be difficult, but in the end you’ll find it worthwhile. You may have fun in the process.

If I don’t think I’m the appropriate person to meet your needs and we cannot resolve your issue(s), I will help you connect with a therapist who is more compatible to your needs. That’s my promise to you. Counseling is not about my ego. It’s about what works for you.

To discuss your counseling options or ask a question, contact June.


My Training and Experience

I have had extensive training and years of experience in the following issues:

Anxiety Disorders

Includes generalized anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive and spectrum disorders, trichotillomania and social anxiety.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Moral Injury

Treating moral injuries, all stages of military deployments, post military issues, unresolved issues from fighting in a war, for veterans and their families.

Illness and Injury

Life-threatening illnesses, hospice work, wounded warriors, parents learning to accept diagnoses that interfere with their child having a normal childhood.

Death and Loss

Loss of relationships, battle buddy, child, parent, partner, pet, suicide, limb(s), finances, job, divorce and more.


Help with chemical dependency, cyber addiction (computer, cell phones, games, sexting, gambling, online shopping, pornography), affairs, massage parlors, multiple partners.

Love and Sex Issues

Includes sexual obsessions, sexual anorexia and anxiety.