Addiction Counseling

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Addiction is defined as a fact or condition of being addicted to a particular thing, substance or activity.

Addiction is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or something that is physically or psychologically  habit -forming. It is a disease, not a moral issue. Examples include habitual use of drugs, alcohol, food, Internet, love, sex, cell phone use, sexting, Internet affair, gambling, shopping, pornography, etc.

Regardless of the nature of your addiction, if it is affecting your life and you are unable to control it, you need help dealing with your addiction. I can help.

Otherwise you will continue to pay a high price, which can range from financial devastation to impaired health to damaged relationships and social isolation.

You Can Stop–with Help

The good news is that you can make a choice to address your addiction. Making that commitment is the first step, and the help you receive from a qualified addiction counselor is the second.

My goal is to compassionately, without judgment, help you change your behavior, and look at the underlying hurtful behaviors destroying you, your children, your family, work life, and your financial security. Recovery is simple but not easy. I can teach you the tools to get your life back.

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Cyber Addiction

Cyber addiction includes a habitual attachment to the Internet, cell phones, sexting, cyber gambling, internet shopping, Internet pornography and internet affairs.

Cyber addiction is becoming so pervasive in this country and around the world. For example, take a moment and look at your behavior. Do you find yourself spending the majority of your time on your cell phone when you’re in a restaurant, movie theatre, walking, shopping or sitting at home?

Are you continually texting or on the computer for hours at a time playing games? Are you engaging in Internet affairs, online shopping or compulsive gambling? Are you spending hours looking at pornography and can’t seem to stop? Has anyone—your partner, parents or friends—started yelling at you to get of the phone or computer, but you can’t pull yourself away?

These behaviors are similar to chemical dependency. Communication has broken down, intimacy has become less and less present or non-existent. Relationships are falling apart at an even greater rate, and divorce has become the only solution.

However, you can change these behaviors with the professional help. I have been helping individuals of all ages and couples understand their behavior, stop the isolation and get help.

For a confidential consultation about addiction counseling, contact June Taylor.