My Philosophy as a Therapist: How I Approach Working with You

Field of sunflowersAs a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with individuals, couples and groups in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.

What I call “bearing witness” — being present, in the moment with you — is very important for both you and me. For me, it’s my passion, my purpose. I cannot imagine any other career for myself.

Facilitating change is amazing work: identifying roadblocks and replacing them with proactive choices, decisions and coping skills that will enhance your life personally so you can have the kind of relationships to achieve your heart’s desires.

For over 30 years working with painful issues like OCD, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Addiction, for example, I have witnessed hundreds of people find solutions, acquire more peace and happiness in their lives. I will ask you in the beginning, “if we are successful, how would your life be different than it is now?”

My skill is in how well I can apply these strategies to your unique issues. I have a myriad of tools in my “toolbox”; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, EMDR, Self Psychology, guided visualization, journaling and other tools to help you achieve your goals.

I truly believe when given the right tools, everyone is capable of learning new ways of living in a challenging world. My ability to listen and understand you in order to know what you want to achieve, can be the first step in your journey to reach your goals.

I use humor, when appropriate, to help take a step back, (like taking a mini vacation) so you can regroup, take a deep breath and deal with the issue. Often we have fun and laugh a little!

The initial path to success involves taking a history, personal, education, family and professional, develop a strong and trusting bond between us, getting clear on your goals as well as accommodating your financial considerations and time constraints.

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.

My Toolkit

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Self-Psychology
  • Psychodynamic
  • Humanistic Psychology
  • EMDR

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