Got OCD? Santa Rosa Specialist Works with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Looking for help with OCD? Santa Rosa therapist June Taylor has over 30 years experience successfully working with OCD.

What is OCD?

An obsession is an intrusive thought or image that sticks in the mind like glue. A compulsion is an urge or impulse that, if acted upon, will get rid of the fearful thought or image. For example, one of the most common obsessions is the fear of contamination from germs. The compulsion is the behavior a person uses to get rid of that frightening thought. So, he or she will wash their hands over and over again until they feel clean.

The problem is that washing one’s hands over and over only quiets the thought momentarily. Then the person will have to wash again. And, it becomes a painful cycle that causes extreme discomfort, shame and embarrassment.

OCD is called a secret disorder. Some OCD people will hold it together at work or in public only to go home and do the behavior to lower the obsessive thoughts they had at work. Others will not be able to resist the urge. Sometimes they will get caught in the cycle of washing their hands, slowing down their work production, creating embarrassment and shame.

OCD can be just mental obsessions and compulsions, such as counting to the number 7 over and over in order to quiet the intrusive thought.

It is also called the doubting disease. One can’t make a decision and may manipulate others to make the decision for them. OCD is one of the few disorders that causes an anxiety disorder in people living with them. Another example is called “just so.”

For example, if a person with OCD puts a vase on the coffee table in an exact way, it must stay in that position. If someone else moves the vase without asking, it can cause anger and/or frustration for both parties. Often people with OCD have many obsessions and compulsions that affect their life and those around them.

Left untreated, OCD can be the cause of divorce, spousal and child abuse. This is because those not suffering from OCD think their family member can just stop—as if they had a choice in the matter.

Education is a very important part in treating ODC along with Exposure, Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. The combination of medication AND Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are often the best treatment for success.

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